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Club Information - Becoming a Ride Leader

The club is always looking for new ideas on where we can ride locally or abroad. If you would like to lead a ride there are many experienced leaders in our core ride groups (The 20Km, 30Km, 33Km, 35Km, 40Km and 50Km) that are more than happy to assist you in leading a ride.

This website has plenty of resources for planning where your ride goes. In the members area, you can use the Club Information TAB to locate past quarterly ride calendars. There is also a menu item in the non-members area called Ride Maps that contains some GPS maps from for transfer to your portable navigator device or smart-phone.

 Below are documents that can assist you in the planning to lead a ride:


How to lead a ride (PDF - 21.91 KB)  

Ride Leader Sheet (PDF - 517.12 KB)  

Coffee Shops List (PDF - 430.21 KB)  



Forms on this page require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the link button to the right to download and install a copy of Adobe Acrobat.


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