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If you would like to volunteer for a role in our club please contact the President.

Contact Information

  Postal Address: PO Box 5313, Maroochydore South, QLD, 4558

  Email for General Enquiries: Click Here



Management Committee

Rob Coles's Picture President Rob Coles 0408452400
Helen Gavigan's Picture Vice President Helen Gavigan 0409625889
Terry Lyons's Picture Secretary Terry Lyons 0418741599
Paul Glass's Picture Treasurer Paul Glass 0414297612


Office Bearers

Lorraine Stocker's Picture Ride Calendar Editor Lorraine Stocker 0407 273 805
Andrew Hogberg's Picture Facebook Editor Andrew Hogberg 0408774557
Ian Jope's Picture Webmaster Ian Jope 0412 675 119
Helen Gavigan's Picture Functions Coordinator(s) Helen Gavigan 0409625889
No Photo Club Jerseys Robyn Vardy 5313 7773
Paul Glass's Picture Club Badge Paul Glass 0414297612
No Photo Bike Shops & Member Mailout Tom Shapiro 0409 791852


Ride Representatives

Helen Gavigan's Picture Saturday Rides Coordinator(s) Helen Gavigan 0409625889
Terry Lyons's Picture Terry Lyons 0418741599
Rob Coles's Picture Sunday Rides Coordinator(s) Rob Coles 0408452400
No Photo 20Km Ride Group Vince Whitburn 0409 251 624
Terry Lyons's Picture 25Km Ride Group Terry Lyons 0418741599
No Photo Henryk Wojcik 0432803499
David Greenhalgh's Picture 30Km Ride Group David Greenhalgh 0407 730 165
Ian Jope's Picture Ian Jope 0412 675 119
Laurie Mann's Picture Laurie Mann 0403646916
No Photo 33Km Ride Group Ross Sheppard 0414595616
Michael Jacobson's Picture 34Km Ride Group Michael Jacobson 0422787948
No Photo 35Km Ride Group Andrew Kirton 0417759984
Lou Gonano's Picture Lou Gonano 0468325864
Roger Watson's Picture 40Km Ride Group Roger Watson 0428760476
No Photo Andy Cowley 0435266465

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Last modified: 15th February 2014