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All of these document are formatted in such a way that they can be printed on an A4 sheet directly from your web browser. Select the help document appropriate to the problem you are experiencing. If these documents can't help you then contact the webmaster for advice.


   1.0 Logging On, including Forgotten User Name and Password.


   2.0 Accessing the Club News Page


   3.0 Updating your Contact Information

      3.1 How to change your Contact Information (Ordinary Members)


   4.0 Club Information On-line


   5.0 On-Line Calendar Update

      5.1 Adding a event Location and Time to the on-line Calendar (Calendar Administrators Only)

      5.2 Adding Sub Event(s) & Leader(s) to same Meeting Point & Time on the online Calendar (Calendar Administrators Only

      5.3 Making/Removing yourself as an event / ride leader

      5.4 Collecting Event/Ride leaders for the Calendar

      5.5 Entering UBD and Google Map References for Calendar Events


   6.0 Club E-Mails & Correspondence

      6.1 Not receiving the Club E-Mail

      6.2 E-Mail Subscription to Ride Groups

      6.3 Generate a Club Address List

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