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 2.2 How to access the Club News


Introduction: The communications officer for the club reviews all messages from within and outside the club (Usually e-mailed to to prepare a weekly bulletin. This news is e-mailed to all members and a copy is posted on news page on the website.


To access the News Page from the Website


Members Area

1) Logon to the members area using the logon bar from the homepage at - See Figure 1.

Figure 1 - The Logon Bar displayed on the Home page of SCBTC


2) If you are successful in logging on, you should see this message (Figure 2) appearing momentarily before the news page in the members area is displayed as shown in figure 3. You can see in figure 3 than Ian Jope is member 81,1 and his membership expires on the 1st January 2015. This information is displayed at the top of all pages while you are in the membership area.

Figure 2 - Successful Logon Message Page


Figure 3 - Members Area News Page and Member Information Banner


Non-Members Area

1) From the non-members area, select the News menu item (As highlighted in Red) - see Figure 4. The news page will be displayed and is identical in content to the one shown in the members area.

Figure 4 - The News Menu in the non-members area


Receiving club news by E-Mail


See document 6.1 Not receiving the Club E-Mail for further information on troubleshooting and to set the option to receive the club e-mail on or off as required.