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5.1 Adding an Event Location and Time to the on-line Calendar



Introduction: This document explains how to go about adding an event to the on-line calendar. An event is usually either a Bike Ride, Social Event such as a Christmas Party or Annual General Meeting and maybe a bike workshop or camp. The events you add to the on-line calendar can be exported in the quarterly ride calendar PDF for editing prior to going to print. This export facility is called Calendar Reports & Extracts in the Administration menu in members area. In order to add an event to the calendar you need to be logged onto the members area to perform this function and have the necessary access permissions to update the calendar. Note that any field with an asterisk MUST contain a value before the event can be saved.


Adding Event/Rides Locations and Start Date and Time


1) Logon to the Members area and select the Calendar TAB.


2) Go down to the bottom of the page and press the ADD button. (If the ADD button is not on the screen, then you do not have sufficient access to add events). An empty page will appear as shown in Figure 1. Enter the Date, Time, Event Title, Event Start, Special Event, Event Description and Website info (In case the event is organised outside the club, then the organiser may have a website address for further information). You can use the TAB key to move onto the next field. The checker icon just to the right of the date field allows you to pick a date from a pop-up calendar control.

Figure 1 - Club Event Details

3) Now next box on the page is the starting address for the event (See figure 2). In the dropdown box marked 'Custom' below in Figure 2, select the down arrow to the right to select a meeting point from a selectable list. If the meeting point is in the list select it from the list. The page will automatically refresh with the selected meeting point details.  The Meeting Point Name, City/Town/Suburb, Meeting point address, UBD Reference and Google Maps reference will be copied to the empty fields in figure 2.

Figure 2 - Select Meeting Point

If the meeting place cannot be found in the drop-down list, you will need to type in Meeting Point Name, City/Town/Suburb and Meeting Point address manually in the respective fields in the Cycling Meeting Point Details box as shown in figure 2. UBD and Google Maps references are optional but can be entered in as required.

4) Event / Ride Leader details box. Should contain no event leaders for this ride. Help document "5.2 Adding Sub Event(s) and Leader(s) to same Meeting Point & Time on the online Calendar" will cover how to add sub-events and/or leaders to your event you have defined here.

5) Press the ADD button at the bottom of this page. It should return a message indicating 1 cycling event added to the calendar. Press the Return to Calendar button to return to the calendar list page.

Once you have completed adding the event, you can start adding a sub-event containing a brief description of the ride, difficulty, distance and/or leader. Click Here to visit help document 5.2 which contains instructions to add sub-events and/or event leaders.