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 5.2 Sub Event(s) and Leader(s) to same Meeting Location & Time on the online Calendar


Introduction: There are many occasions where the Cycling Club might hold several rides from the same venue at the same time. The on-line calendar allows you to hold up to 9 different events from a particular location. A typical example of this is Saturday rides. There is a sub-event for a 20Km Ride, 30Km Ride, 33Km Ride, 35Km Ride, 40Km ride and a 50Km Ride. In this instance you will need to add 5 sub-event records. Each sub-event will have up to one leader only.


Quick Guide - Remove / Add Leaders to a Ride

    (1) Logon and select Calendar TAB.

    (2) Use Navigation Bar bottom of the page to find page which contains event and select the page from Navigation Bar.

    (3) Select the event you wish to modify (Circle next to Date) and press Update Event Leader Button at Bottom of the Page.

    (4) Mark circle next to ride and press Remove Leader button if you want to leave the ride in but with no leader.

    (5) To assign replacement ride leader,  Mark Circle and press Update Button.  Enter First & Lastname and press Find Member button.

    (6) Mark Circle on Members Screen for correct member  and press Select Member button to return name to ride screen.

    (7) Select Phone number from List, Then Update Button, Then OK button to return to Event Calendar.


Locating a meeting point location in the Calendar


1) You will need to logon to the members area and select the Calendar TAB.


2) Locate the event record where you want to add a sub event (Help document 5.1). If you look down the bottom of the calendar page, there is a navigation bar at the bottom with dates on it. This reflects the event date which starts at the top of each page, and the remaining 9 events that follow are displayed in date order on that page. For example, Page 3 starts at 17th November 2013 at the top and the other 9 events that follow on the same page are in date order up to 28th December 2013. So if our event we entered was dated 26th November 2013 then it will be found on page 3, so click on the 17-11-2013 link on the navigation bar to load page 3. See figure 1.

Figure 1 - Calendar Navigation Bar


3) Locate the event where you wish to add a sub event and/or ride leader. Click the radio button in the left hand side (Just to left of 'Time' word) to select the event and go to the bottom of this list page and press Update Event Leaders button. See figure 2 for my example.

Figure 2 - Selecting the Event to add a ride leader


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 5.2 Adding Sub Event(s) and Leader(s) to same Meeting Point & Time on the online Calendar


Adding a Sub-Event/Ride to a Meeting Point Location


4) In the box titled 'Sub Events Ride Leader Details' you will see a list of sub events (and ride leaders if set) defined. If it is a new ride location there will be no ride leaders or sub events. Press the Add button in this box to add a sub event. An empty box in figure 3 will appear. Enter a description (eg 30Km Ride) and a distance. Select an event difficulty from the drop-down list on this page. If there is no ride leader to add at this point then just go to step 8 and press the Add button at the bottom of the page in figure 5 to save it.


Assigning Ride Leaders to a Ride

5) If you wish to assign a ride leader at this time, then enter Membership Number and Household Member No in the 'Membership Number / Family Number groupbox in figure 5 and press Check Member button. If you don't know the membership number and/or household number of the member leading the ride then enter either or both the Firstname and Surname in the 'Find Member' groupbox and press Find Member button. A list of members starting with that name will be displayed, so select the radio button left of the name you want to select and press the Select Member button. The membership Number and Household Member number will be returned to the screen shown in figure 5.


Figure 3 - Adding a Sub event leaving from same meeting point


6) Press the Check Member button to return the address and phone numbers to the 'Contact Details to Use for Event' panel.


7) In the Phone field choose the preferred phone number you wish to use (If available). You will not get a phone number selection box if the leader only has one phone number recorded. 'Tick box to display e-mail address to non-members' if required. The e-mail address of that leader will appear on the non-members calendar page.


8) Press the Add button at the bottom of the screen in figure 3 to add the sub event. Should respond with 'one new cycling leader record(s) was added to database'. Press the OK button to return to the event leaders screen. In my example shown in figure 4 you will see I have added at 30Km MTB ride lead by Ian Jope with a difficulty rating of H1 - Moderate.

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 5.2 Adding Sub Event(s) and Leader(s) to same Meeting Point & Time on the online Calendar



 Figure 4 - Sub Event and Leader successfully added  

9) Repeat steps 4 to 8 if you wish to add other Sub events leaving from the same meeting point on the set date and time.

Changing the Details of a Sub Event / Ride


10) If you wish to change the description of the Sub Event, Distance or difficulty, you can do so by selecting the radio button next to the event (As shown in figure 6) and press the Update button. The screen similar to the one shown in figure 3 will appear, except with the update button at the bottom. Make the changes and press the Update button to save.


Removing the Sub Event / Ride and Leader completely


11) To remove the ride/sub event completely, you can do this by selecting the radio button next to the event (As shown in figure 4) and press the Delete button.


Removing a Ride Leader from a Sub Event / Ride, but don't delete the event


12) If you want to remove the leader, but leave the ride / sub event there, select the sub-event (See Figure 4) and press Remove Leader Button. Now members can volunteer to lead the ride by selecting 'Make me the contact' link on the members area Calendar TAB.