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 5.4 Collecting Event/Ride Leaders for Calendar


Introduction: Towards finalisation of the quarterly ride calendar, ride group co-ordinators need to chase up contacts for some Saturday, Sunday and MTB rides that do not have a ride leader. For completeness of the printed calendar for bike shops, this needs to be done prior to the calendar cut-off date for printing. Rides without leaders does make it hard for new members to know who to contact if there is no ride leader. The easiest way to collect names is to generate the Ride Calendar Report and have ride co-ordinators circulate it around members at the coffee shop during a Saturday ride prior to the calendar closing. After the ride, the Ride Co-ordinators then enter the members contact details against rides in the on-line website system.


Intended Audience: Ride Group Co-ordinators (20Km, 25Km, 30Km, 33Km, 35Km, 40Km, 50Km, MTB and Sunday Rides.

Quick Guide - Updating Event Leaders  

    (1) Logon and select Administration TAB. Select Calendar Reports & Extracts link.

    (2) Select the ride group for report and start end dates. Select Generate Report and download to computer, Open in Browser and Print.

    (3) Circulate report at coffee shop during Saturday Ride, write names on report and/or e-mail report to your groups riders.

    (4) In the members area Calendar TAB, locate ride to update leader and press Update Event Leaders Button.

    (5) Select  sub-event and press Update Button. 

    (6) Enter Membership Number of leader, Difficulty, distance and press Check Member button.

    (7) If membership number unknown for step 6, use the find panel to retrieve the members membership details by member name.

    (8) Press the Update Button to save the ride leader for that ride being updated.


Step 1. Printing the Quarterly Ride Calendar Report

1) You will need to logon to the members area and select the Administration TAB. Select Calendar Reports & Extracts link.


2) For the type of report, select your ride group from the drop-down list on the left. For example, If you are a ride co-ordinator for the 30km group, you would select it from the drop-down list. The start and end date should default to the start and end date for the quarter we are looking for ride leaders (Autumn 2015 has a start date of 1-3-2015 and an end date of 31-05-2015 in this example as this is the period we need ride leaders for). No other settings need to be changed on this page. See figure 1.


Figure 1 - Calendar Reports & Extracts Selection Panel


3) Press the Create Report or Extract button to generate the report. The download page similar to the one shown in figure 2 will appear. Click on the Here link to download the report to your computers hard drive.

Figure 2 - Selecting the Event to add a ride leader

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  5.4 Collecting Event/Ride Leaders for Calendar


4) Open the downloaded report in your computers web browser. In your web browser, use the menu bar and select File then Open and navigate to the report on the computers hard drive. An example of what the report should look like will be similar to the one shown in figure 3. If you send this report to the printer it will normally fit on one A4 portrait page. From the Browser select File then Print Preview if you wish to check how it fits on a page.


Figure 3 - Example of the ride group report


As you can see from this example, the rides on 7th and 14th March have a ride leader, but the ride on Saturday 21st March doesn't


Step 2. Collecting names for rides

5) It is recommended you generate and print the report (As generated in step 4) preferably just before you go on the Saturday ride or do it the night before so you are working from the most up-to-date report available. During the Saturday ride, take this report and a pen with you and circulate it at the coffee shop. After the ride, logon to the members area and add the names against ride in the Calendar TAB.


6) Review past ride sheets where members sign onto a ride. Build a group contacts list in your e-mail program of people who you know are members and ride regularly with your group. Remember you have access to the entire membership register and you can lookup e-mail addresses of members in the Club Information TAB, and Find Member sub-menu. Make sure you send any e-mail with your group addresses in the BCC and not To field to hide members e-mail addresses from everyone who you send the e-mail to. If you like why not attach a copy of the report generated in step 4 so members know what rides still require leaders.


Step 3 . Entering Ride Leaders Names into the Calendar


6) From the members area, select the Calendar TAB.


7) From the drop-down box called Time Period / Organisation, select the calendar time period. As in this example you are looking for rides / events that require a leader for the Autumn 2015 calendar, you select this from the drop-down box accordingly to only list these rides in the calendar. See figure 4.

Figure 4 - Example of selecting the time period


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  5.4 Collecting Event/Ride Leaders for Calendar


8) If you need to jump to a page that contains later events, you can scroll down to the navigation bar at the bottom. Say for the Autumn Calendar you aren't available to lead rides until after 2nd May. In this instance you would click the link (5) 02-05-2015 to list rides / events starting from 2nd May. See figure 5.



 Figure 5 - Select the page that contains your ride/event for updating  

9) Now locate the ride on the page that needs the event/ride leader updated. Select the event by clicking on the circle next to the event. See above red arrow in figure 6. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the Update Event Leaders button (as shown in figure 5 above) to enter the ride events update pane.

 Figure 6 - Selecting a ride event to update the leader

10) If you wish to change the description of the Sub Event, Distance, difficulty or change the ride leader, you will need to select that sub event (See red arrow in figure 7) and press the Update button.



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  5.4 Collecting Event/Ride Leaders for Calendar


 Figure 7 - Selecting a sub-event to update the ride leader


11) If you know the membership number and the household member number you can enter these into the respective fields into the panel as shown in figure 8 then go to step 14. If you don't know the membership number of the leader, then proceed to steps 12 and 13 in this document to retrieve these using the find member panel.


 Figure 8 - Locating the member for assigning to lead event




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  5.4 Collecting Event/Ride Leaders for Calendar


12) Enter the name of the person into the find member panel (See figure 8 - this example I just put surname of "Jope" in) then press the Find Member button. The panel in figure 9 is displayed. Note that you can put just part firstname or part lastname to position the list accordingly if you are trying to locate a person but don't know how to properly spell their name. Leaving both firstname and surname blank will display a list starting with all people of a surname of "A". You can scroll through this list by pressing Find Member button as displayed at bottom of page in figure 9.


13) The membership list will appear as in figure 9 starting with the first name that matches the criterion, or the next highest name in the list. If you enter firstname only then the list will be displayed in firstname order. If a surname or firstname and surname entered then the order of the list is surname order. To choose a member just select the circle to the left of the members name and press the Select Member button. This will return the membership number and household member number to the event leaders panel in figure 8.


 Figure 9 - Membership list displays name in alphabetical order

13) Select the desired phone number (If applicable, members with only one contact phone number will not have this selection available - see figure 8). Press the Check Member button to refresh the details at the bottom of the page.


14) Press the Update button to save the event leader. The website should respond with "1 Event Leader record updated on the database" if successful. You will return to the panel as shown in figure 7. Press Return to Event Calendar button to return to the calendar.