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 6.2 E-Mail Subscription to Ride Groups


There are several ride groups which make up the Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club. These are mainly the 20Km, 30Km, 33Km, 35Km, 40Km, 50Km and MTB (Mountain Bikes) groups. Each of these groups have a number of co-ordinators. If you look at the contacts page for each of these ride groups you can identify the people who manage it.

In order for the co-ordinators to contact you by e-mail, you will need to subscribe to all ride groups you are involved in. If you don't subscribe then you may miss out on some rides that are not in the calendar, or worse still miss out on being told at the last minute that something is cancelled say due to bad weather.

Another benefit of subscribing is it is possible to use the website to generate an entire club membership list (With phone numbers & e-mail addresses) and a membership list with contact information for your ride group only. See help document 6.3 to generate a club members address list.

Ordinary Members:

1) Logon to the Members Area

2) Select Members Profile TAB

3) Press Change Details button.

4) Make the changes (See figure 1) and press the Update button

Administrators (Can update any member):

1) Logon to the Members Area and go to the Administration TAB

2) Select Membership Data Maintenance.

3) Either enter the Membership Number and Household Member Number, or use the Find Member box by name.

4) Press the Update a Member button.

5) Tick the required boxes as per figure 1, then press the Update button.


Figure 1 - Updating communication preferences so ride group co-ordinators can contact you

In the example in figure 1, this person has elected to share all their contact details with everyone in the membership except mailing address. What you tick will be available to all members and will appear on the address list (For the club & Group). In the example above, this user is subscribed to the 20Km, 30Km and MTB ride groups so any e-mails sent by these ride groups co-ordinators you will receive.

 If the 'Do not receive general correspondence' is ticked you will not receive any e-mail from the club.