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 6.3 Generating a Club Address List by Ride Group and Entire Club


There have been occassions where members which to organise 'unofficial' rides, or rides that are no on the club calendar. Usually these rides are by invitation only and usually invitations are made to members within that ride group only. An easy way to get a contact list of members within your ride group is to run the Generate Address List by Ride Group report from the Members Profile TAB.

Note: Your ride group co-ordinator has access to print an entire contacts list regardless of whether members have elected to share their contact information. The list will only work if members subscribe to their ride group (See figure 1) as covered in help document 6.2, otherwise they will not show up as belonging to that ride group when the report is run.


1) Logon to the Members Area

2) Select Members Profile TAB

3) Press the Generate Address List by Ride Group button. See figure 1 below.


Figure 1 - Locating the Generate Address List by Ride Group Button

4) The Panel in figure 2 will appear. Select the Ride Group and Type of address list then press Create Address List button. Note: Only administrators have the option of "All Details" for type of address list. Everyone else only gets the information which each individual member elects to share with other club members (See help document 6.2).

Figure 2 - Address list options

5) The download panel will appear as shown in figure 3 (This example the 20Km list of riders was produced). Click on the link to download the report in html format. Use File then Open on your web browser to view and print the report.

Figure 3 - Address list options

6) Press the Return to Calendar Report & Extracts button once you have downloaded the report.