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Ride Maps - Kenilworth

Start: Kenilworth Showgrounds (Sunshine Coast UBD 31 L13)

Kenilworth to Mt Wali, Coolabine and Kenilworth Homestead return Distance: 33.37km, Difficulty: H0.5 


From Kenilworth Showgrounds head north to the Obi Obi Rd, Head south along Mt Wali Rd to very end. Return to Obi Obi Rd and head straight north to Coolabine Rd and follow it to the end of the Bitchamen (Near cnr Hunsley Rd). Return via Obi Obi Rd to the Kenilworth Homestead and onto the Kenilworth Showgrounds. Ride Led by Terry Lyons 11th June 2016. Mapped by Ian Jope's mobile phone 11th June 2016.

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