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Conditions of Use for the E-Mail Program
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  The Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club is a non-profit organisation and is run by volunteers. Due to abuse of the e-mail system on the internet, we feel it is now important to control what content we receive as too much time is wasted by members going through e-mails to eliminate SPAM that has nothing to do with club business. As a result we will no longer be displaying e-mail addresses on the non-members area of the website, nor will members of this club be releasing their e-mail addresses to third parties if they choose not to.

This feature is necessary due to SPAM robots harvesting our non-members webpage and selling your contact information to unknown third parties. The SPAM problem is also biting into our limited server space quota and this makes the site a nightmare to administer.

Its time to stop this now!

If club members need the e-mail address of members, this facility is available inside the members area under "Club Information" then "Find Member" submenu. To find a member in a club role see "Club Information" then "Contacts" submenu.

Administrators of this website and members of the club agree not to pass on your e-mail address to third parties without your permission.

Under the new arrangements, your e-mail address will be blacklisted under these conditions

  > You have provided us with advertising that is not bicycle related.  
  > You are a supplier of bicycle goods and services not based in Australia.  
  > You are an operator of a bicycle touring company for profit (Regardless of whether you are based locally or Overseas)  
  > You hire out bikes and related equipment for profit, but not on the Sunshine Coast Australia  
  > You are telling as of a deceased relative and/or we are inheriting a fortune. We are NOT interested!  
  > You are falsely telling us information that appears to be a SCAM or Phishing for information.  
  > You wanting to redevelop our website and/or improve our rating in a search engine. We are NOT interested!  
  > You have provided e-mail content that is inappropriate or offensive to our members.  



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Last modified: 15th February 2014