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All Rides Cancelled (As of 23/3/2020)

Hi Members, the Management Committee has made the decision to cancel all club rides from today until further notice.

The consequences of COVID-19 pandemic impacting communities across Australia is real. Today the Federal Government and State Governments around the country outlined further action to implement drastic new measures amid the pandemic.

It is very important as a Club that we support all actions to minimise the impact of the pandemic.

Riding is unlikely to restart until the start of July at the earliest. We will monitor the situation at the end of May 2020 and keep you informed.

The Club's Riding Calendar on our website will be off-line until we resume riding.

Social Riding - important cycling tips to follow

If you choose to ride socially follow the appropriate health guidelines and read Cycling Australia website information.

Cycling Australia recommends that the following restrictions should apply (this is an extract taken from their website today):

>  If riding two abreast, keep the maximum allowable gap of 1.5 metres between riders and a gap of at least 1.5m to the rider in front of you, including while stopped at intersections

>  Limiting groups or bunches to 10 or fewer riders

>  Ensuring all riders are self-sufficient in case of mechanical issues

>  At cafes, maintain appropriate social distancing and keep helmets, gloves and sunglasses away from tables

Note, information is changing constantly and you need to keep up to date with the latest advice.

It's really important that all members heed the advice of experts and follow directions provided. I know many members ride socially mid-week and I ask you to consider changes to these rides to ensure the safety of all involved.

Stay safe on the bike,

 Michael Jacobson

President SCBTC.

Suggested precautions if you do decide to continue Cycling:


Beware of the Risks! - Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club and its members accepts no responsibility if you continue cycling.